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Centrifugal Fans


Centrifugal roof exhaust fans are designed for roof mounted exhaust of clean air in applications where it is desirable to move the exhausted air up and away from the building, and where re-entry into the building supply air is possible.

Centrifugal roof ventilators are similar to the DCRU / BCRU fans, but are specifically designed for exhausting grease-laden air from kitchens, restaurants, cooking and dishwasher hoods. Canada Blower also offers grease collection systems for kitchen and restaurant use.

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Pressure Blower

High Pressure:

Certain air flow systems have an increased resistance to airflow and require blowers that have greater force and power to be durable enough to provide the necessary energy. They are normally installed where there is high static pressure and can be used for equipment cooling, material conveying, drying, ventilation, or exhausting. High pressure blowers come with open drip proof motors to help maintain clean environments and enclosed ones for dusty and dirty conditions.

Due to the nature of the use of high pressure industrial blowers, they are flexible enough to be used in high temperature conditions and can be spark and corrosion resistant. For the best results, housings are welded using high gauge steel.