Industrial high pressure fan blowers, high temperature fan ventilators, centrifugal and axial fans, roof / wall supply and exhaust power fans and inline duct fan blowers. Sales of Canada Blower large industrial backwardly inclined and airfoil blowers and fans.

Backward Curved Fans

Industrial backward curved fans and blowers

SWSI, DWDI, AcF, PLR, BI, BC, AF, ST, Backward Inclined Blowers, Aerocline fans, General Purpose, GP, BL, Limit Load, LL, Buffalo Vent Set, BCV, BCA, BCM, BCS: industrial backward curved blowers are supplied in welded heavy gauge steel construction to prevent flexing at high pressure. Available in direct drive blower arrangements 4/4V/4H/7/8 and belt drive arrangements 1/3/9/10. Arr. 10 blowers are known as ventilating sets (vent sets). Available in single width single inlet (SWSI), or double width double inlet (DWDI) fans. Blower capacities: to 500,000 CFM. Static pressure up to 100 inches water gauge depending on the class of construction. Typical fan class of construction is Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

In centrifugal fan, as opposed to axial flow fan, the air is moving perpendicularly to the fan shaft. Often called a "squirrel cage" (due to its similarity in appearance to exercise wheels for pet rodents), the centrifugal fan has a moving component (called an impeller) that consists of a central shaft about which a set of blades, or ribs, are positioned. Centrifugal fans blow air at right angles to the intake of the fan, and spin the air outwards to the outlet (by deflection and centrifugal force). The impeller rotates, causing air to enter the fan near the shaft and move perpendicularly from the shaft to the opening in the scroll-shaped fan casing. A centrifugal fan produces more pressure for a given air volume, and is used where this is desirable such as in leaf blowers, hair driers, air mattress inflators, inflatable structures, and various industrial purposes. They are typically noisier than comparable axial fans.

Canadian Blower's SQB backward inclined wheel and square housing design, the SQB is efficient, economical and versatile. It is also quickly available through Buffalo Fan's Stock Fan program. Packaged fans, those furnished with motor, V-belt drive, belt guard and other options, are factory aligned, run tested and shipped ready to install. By eliminating jobsite assembly, the packaged SQB fan can substantially reduce overall installation cost.

Aluminum blower wheel, Steel wheel, or Alloy wheel: industrial backward curved (bc) blowers and fans are supplied with aluminum wheel or corten wheel to meet requirements of AMCA A, and AMCA B spark resistant construction. Mild steel blower wheels are of all welded construction. If higher pressure is required wheel can be furnished of high strenght steel. Stainless steel blower wheel in 304 SS, 316 SS, 316 SS, 2205 SS are supplied for corrosive applications, or high temeparature applications. The pressure curve remains stable at the top are of the fan curve and to the right of the pick point.

Inlet flanges, outlet flanges, companion flanges: continuosly welded to match ANSI class 125/150, DIN, ISO, or custom hole pattern.

Shaft seal and low leakage blower construction: shafting is straightened to close tolerance to minimize "run-out" and ensure smooth operation. Teflon shaft seal, ceramic shaft seal and lubricated shaft seals (Buna, Teflon, Viton) are standard. Red silicone gasketing is provided for low leakage construction and for high temperature construction. Heavy-duty spherical roller bearings are standard.

Heat fan construction up to 800 F: includes high temperature paint, shaft cooler, shaft-cooler guard, and steel wheel, or alloy wheel.

Cladding for sound attenuation and silencers: cladding consists of 2 inches mineral-wool insulation covered with a welded steel jacket. As an inexpensive alternative is offered slide-on acoustic cloth jackets. Inlet silencer/outlet silencer are supplied with matching flanges for further attenuation of the noise level.

Inlet filter assemblies: cell type, 1 inch, or 2 inch filters are available with filter cabinet to be mounted at fan inlet. Bird guard, insect screen and weather hood are optional accessories with inlet filter package.

Standard accessories: flash / raised access door, inspection port, drain and plug, unitary base, shaft and bearing guard, belt guard, motor cover, spring vibration isolation, rubber-in-share (RIS) vibration isolation, vibrating pads, outlet damper, inlet vane damper, external inlet vane damper, evase, electrical / pneumatic actuators.

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CANADA BLOWER's Single-Width Industrial Fans are designed for a wide range of applications from commercial-building ventilation to industrial dust-collection systems. Three classes of construction combined with three wheel  designs provide the utmost in selection choice.
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• Three wheel choices: High-efficiency AcoustaFoil wheels Sizes 12”-73”; a Versatile Canada Blower backward curved wheels - Sizes 18”-73”; a rugged backward inclined wheels, Sizes 12”-73”.
• Capacities to 200,000 CFM
• Pressures to 14” WG
• Complete AMCA Class I, II, and III performance
• Efficiencies beyond 85%
• Temperatures to 650°F
• Choice of direct-drive or belt-drive
• Available in clockwise and counterclockwise rotations
• Heavy-gauge welded components provide structural strength and 

• Continuously welded housings provide the strongest possible 

• Shafting is straightened to close-tolerance to minimize “run out” and ensure 
smooth operation

• Lifting eyes are standard on all fans
• Wheels are dynamically balanced and all fans are checked at the specified 
running speed

• Bearings are selected to provide long service life through the entire operating range of the fan. These propeller fans are rugged and dependable and are available in a wide selection of sizes and performance.These fans can be arranged for supply, exhaust or a combination of both. These fans are offered with a wide selection of accessories to complete a well-balanced and specifically engineered air moving system. 
AIRFOIL WHEEL: allows stable operation from wide-open to closed-off. Ideal for clean-air applications such as building ventilation with variable-air-volume system control or clean industrial-gas-handling. Dual aerodynamically designed blade surfaces provide the most efficient design of all wheel types. In addition, the AcoustaFoil design offers a broad peak efficiency range for selection. Because of superior efficiency, AcoustaFoil wheels generate the lowest sound levels over a wide range of performance. Sizes 12 and 15 available in welded aluminum only. Sizes 18 to 73 available in all-welded steel and optional aluminum and stainless steel.
Flat, single-thickness, backwardly inclined blades are suited to applications from clean air to those where dust and limited material is present in the airstream and airfoil shapes are not recommended due to material build-up. Peak efficiency point is on the steeply rising portion of the pressure curve and vastly superior 
to forward curved and radial wheel designs. Sound levels are the lowest with the most efficient fan selections. Sizes 12 to 73 available in all-welded steel and also optional aluminum and stainless steel. Buildings where large volumes of air are required or where fans must operate against resistance, and may also be installed in duct installations where low static resistance is encountered.
Flat, single-thickness, backwardly inclined blades are suited to applications from clean air to those where dust and limited material is present in the airstream and airfoil shapes are not recommended due to material build-up. Peak efficiency point is on the steeply rising portion of the pressure curve and vastly superior to forward curved and radial wheel designs. Sound levels are the lowest with the most efficient fan selections. Sizes 12 to 73 available in all-welded steel and also optional aluminum and stainless steel. Buildings where large volumes of air are required or where fans must operate against resistance, and may also be installed in duct installations where low static resistance is encountered.


Protective coatings, special alloys, and FRP construction are available to combat corrosion problems. Special coatings [up to 12 mil thickness] – special paints and spray coatings are available under a variety of trade names. Canada Blower works with experienced coating applicators who can apply coatings to meet a wide range of requirements. Alternate-material construction–Single-Width Fans can be constructed of aluminum or various stainless steels.


Arrangement 1, 8, and 9 Canada Blower fans can be constructed for elevated temperature operation with the addition of shaft cooler and guard and high-temperature paint for 650°F maximum airstream temperature. Arrangement 9 fans are also furnished with motor heat shield. If optional shaft seal is selected, a recessed cone is furnished. Note that the maximum safe wheel speeds decrease as airstream temperatures increase.


Intended to minimize the potential for any two or more fan components to generate sparks

within the airstream by rubbing or striking during operation. The following types are available:

AMCA A [AIRSTREAM] SRC: To  include all airstream parts constructed of a spark resistant alloy... maximum temperature: 200°F.

AMCA B [WHEEL] SRC: To include the fan wheel constructed of a spark-resistant alloy and a buffer plate around the housing shaft-hole opening...maximum temperature:200°F.

AMCA C [BUFFER] SRC: To include a spark-resistant alloy buffer affixed to the housing interior adjacent to the wheel backplate, a spark-resistant alloy inlet cone, and a buffer plate around the housing shaft-hole opening... maximum temperature:650°F.

ALL TYPES SRCFan is to be so constructed such that no bearings, drive components, or electrical apparatus are located in the airstream... the user must electrically ground all

fan and system components. As compared to belt drive fan arrangements, direct drive Arrangement 4 fans of all styles, where the fan wheel mounts directly onto the motor shaft, are more compact, require less maintenance, and generally have a lower first cost. However, relative to belt-drive fans, they are limited in application, size, available features,and the ability to adjust performance.

Direct drive Arrangement 8 fans offer much of the flexibility of belt driven fans and are even preferred in systems that require large volumes of air and are over 250-300 HP due to drive limitations. A major objection to direct-drive arrangements in the past was the inability to adjust fan speed if system requirements changed. With the advent of variable frequency drives (VFDs) the speed, and therefore performance, of direct-drive fans can now be adjusted  to meet varying requirements. Given the variety of operating speeds available, choices in wheel width, and its effect on wheel safe speed limits, the only cost-effective method for selecting today’s direct-drive fans is software selection fan programs.

Belt driven fans, where the fan wheel is supported by a shaft and bearings and driven by belts, allow for a wider range of sizes and applications, and offer a greater selection of accessories and modifications. However, relative to direct-drive fans, they have a larger footprint for a given fan size and have a higher first cost. Without additional controls, belt-drive fan performance can be easily altered in the field by changing sheaves and belts.

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Canada Blower Backward Curved Pressure blowers are designed for high-pressure, industrial-process applications. All applications can be handled in either induced-draft or forced-draft configurations. Numerous blower modifications and accessories make the BC Pressure Blower suitable for a wide range of industrial process air-moving systems. Canada Blower advanced wheel and aerodynamic housing BC Pressure Blower design combine for air-handling efficiency superior to conventional backwardly-curved wheel designs.

Canada Blower Direct Drive BI Fans:

- Complete AMCA Class I, II, & III fan performance;
- Airflows to 100,000 CFM @ 25" WG;
- Efficiencies beyond 85 % due to unique blower impeller design;
- Temperatures to 750 F with heat fan construction;
- Choice of airfoil or flat backward inclined fan wheels;
- 17 sizes: 10" through 73" ventilator diameters;
- Heavy-gauge welded construction provides fan structural strenght & durability;
- Variety of fan accessories available: spark-resistant, explosion-proof and high temperature construction, dampers, shaft seals, flanges, inlet box, split housing, special coatings..

Canada Blower General Ventilating Fan Sets:

Convenience and economy of packaged Canada Blower fans design with heavy-gauge quality construction that ensures smooth operation through the Class II performance range. Canada Blower Utility Fan Sets are fully suited to industrial plant ventilation and process air needs as well as commercial and institutional ventilation service.
Canada Blower Industrial Airfoil Fans

• A high efficiency rugged industrial airfoil fan designed to provide large volumes of air at high static pressures.
• Available in a variety of arrangements, single and double width geometries.
• Accessories cover a complete range from inlet boxes and water cooled bearings to insulation pins.
• Volumes to 400,000 CFM and static pressures to 50” W.G.

Canada Blower Pressure Blowers:

• A high pressure fan designed to move moderate volumes of clean air at high pressure.
• Sturdy radial blade impeller.
• Available with a built­in evasé.
• Volumes to 43,000 CFM and static pressures to 70” W.G.

Canada Blower Radial Tip Fans

• A rugged fan constructed for industrial induced draft applications where erosion resistance is a concern.
• Available with evasé and/or inlet box in a multitude of arrangements.
• Single and double widths.
• Volumes to 250,000 CFM and static pressures to 35” W.G.

The Versatile Performers:

• For clean air, fumes, moisture etc.
• A full range airfoil and backward inclined fan line. Single width and double width fans are available in almost every conceivable configuration.
• Airfoil fan is designed to move clean air with high efficiency. Low horsepower draw and low sound levels are its distinguishing characteristics.
• Backward inclined fan uses flat solid blades to allow for dust contaminated air handling at a high efficiency level.
• A top quality inlet vane accessory makes the 5000 line ideal for variable volume systems.
• Performance capacity to 280,000 CFM and static pressures to 20” W.G.
• For commercial and industrial air handling and process exhaust, with either an airfoil or backward inclined impeller.
• The housing is flanged on four sides and can be mounted anywhere. Even the adjustable motor base mounts on all sides.
• Available with variable inlet vanes, isolation bases and a great variety of other accessories.
• Models in both belt drive and a limited size range of direct drive.
• Selections available for temperatures to 800 F and capacities of 85,000 CFM at 19” W.G. static pressure.
• A general ventilation fan that’s made for garages, stores, commercial laundries and kitchens, etc.
• Belt driven fans are complete with weather proof covers over the motor and running gear.