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Fans and blowers produced by BUFFALO BLOWER have been application engineered and designed to meet and exceed all the requirements of today’s air moving needs.

We would like to introduce a line of Industrial Centrifugal Utility Sets designed to provide performance according to application needs, long-term service and cost efficient operation in a wide variety of environments.

Junior Utility Sets - Sizes 6'' to 10''  
Flow rate 260 to 2,127 CFM and 5'' Static Pressure 
Standard Utility Sets - Sizes 12” to 36''              Flow 688 to 29,108 CFM and 8'' Static Pressure

Ten belt driven sizes with 10" through 36" wheel diameters offer capabilities up to 30,000 CFM. Wide choice of accessories: weather cover/belt guard, spark-resistant construc-tion, vibration isolation

Choice of flat blade backwardly inclined, backward curved, or super-quiet airfoil wheel. Heavy-gauge construction... welded steel housing and wheels... reinforced inlet and outlet

Easily accessible motor compartment with adjustable motor platform. Rotatable housing to any of six standard discharge positions

Sets to be Arrangement 10 Construction --- Heavy Gauge Steel Construction ---- Heavy Gauge Steel Construction --- Self-Aligning Ball Bearings --- Heavy Duty, Ball Bearing Motor matched to the fan furnished at the specified voltage, phase and enclosure --- Drive with a cast iron adjustable pitch motor sheave --- AMCA Certified
Centrifugal Utility Set is a high quality, low cost, heavily constructed and completely self contained unit. These industrial units are designed for use in high volume low and medium pressure, clean air, ventilating and exhaust applications. These units can be equipped with following optional accessories like:

- Weather Cover

- Belt Guard

- Automatic Discharge Shutter

- Bolted and Quick-Opening Clean-Out Doors

- Vibration Rail Bases

- Inlet Vanes

- Drain fittings

- Inlet or Discharge Screens

- Flanged Inlets or Outlets

- Heat Slingers

- Protective Coatings

- Spark Resistant Construction

stable operation from wideopen
to closed-off. Ideal for
clean-air applications such as
building ventilation with
variable-air-volume system
control or clean industrial-gashandling.
Dual aerodynamically
designed blade surfaces
Flat, single-thickness,
backwardly inclined blades are
suited to applications from
clean air to those where dust
and limited material is present
in the airstream
and airfoil shapes are not
single-surface blade shape
offers alternative selection
points to the AcoustaFoil for
building ventilation and
industrial gas-handling.
Backward curved wheels also
the most efficient design of all
wheel types. In addition, the
AcoustaFoil design offers a
broad peak efficiency range
for selection. Because of
superior efficiency,
AcoustaFoil wheels generate
the lowest sound levels over a
wide range of performance.
Sizes 12 and 15 available in
welded aluminum only. Sizes
18 to 73 available in all-welded
steel and optional aluminum
stainless steel.
recommended due to material
build-up. Peak efficiency
point is on the steeply rising
portion of the pressure curve
and vastly superior
to forward curved and radial
wheel designs. Sound levels
are the lowest with the
most efficient fan selections.
Sizes 12 to 73 available in allwelded
steel and also optional
aluminum and
stainless steel.ldings where
large volumes of air are
required or where fans must
operate against resistance,
and may also be installed in
duct installations where low
static resistance is
provide stable operation from
wide-open to closed-off.
Curved, single-thickness
blade surface generates
efficiency levels approaching
the AcoustaFoil but with
alternative operating points for
greater choice. The backward
curved wheel offers low sound
levels approaching that of the
AcoustaFoil. Sizes
18 to 73 available in all-welded
steel and also optional

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