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Pressure Blowers


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roof and wall supply and exhaust fans for industrial and commercial ventilation from New York. Sales of Canadian Blower / Chicago propeller; axial; centrifugal; square-in-line; FRP fans; roof and wall exhausters in Buffalo, New York Blower fans, conveying blowers, air tight blowers & fans, industrial process air curtains, OEM fans / blowers, fume exhausters, dust collectors.
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High capacity pressure blowers and custom made industrial fans and blowers. Sales of large induce and force draft centrifugal blowers and fans; exhaust and supply wall and roof ventilation fans; stainless; special alloy; FRP construction

Industrial Dust Collector Blower

Canada Blower Pressure Blowers are ideal for combustion air, pneumatic conveying systems, fluid bed aeration, cooling, drying systems, and recommended to use in various high pressure applications.

With pressures to 130" WG and volumes to 20,000 CFM, the range of the Canada Blower Pressure Blower has been widened to include a selection of more than 100 wheel / housing combinations. Six blower arrangements and eight discharge positions are available for most blower models. Although direct drive is specified for most applications, belt driven models are available as well.

Pressure blowers are characterized by very stable performance: the pressure curve remains stable from wide-open to close-off, thus blower instability, or pulsation, is eliminated even when "turn-down" approaches zero flow. Standard Canada Blower alluminum dual-tapered wheel ensures optimum efficiency, an optional straight radial steel wheel is available for more rugged applications. NIS-CO advanced wheel and aerodynamic housing design combine for air-handling efficiency superior to conventional radial-wheel designs.