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Canada Blower Wall Supply Fans:
- Complete AMCA performance & sound certification with capacities to 100,000 CFM @ 2" WG;
- The most economical powered air make-up units for industrial and commercial use;
- Delay switch opens motorized damper before fan motor starts - to avoid motor overloading;
- Variety of ventilator accessories available: explosion-proof construction, safety guard, weather hoods, bird screens, decorative louvers;
- A full range of wall exhaust fans is available, as well.


General ventilation Canada Blower air make-up units for lmedium to high air volumes in commercial and industrial manufacturing buildings; heavy-duty long-lasting industrial construction features; different fan design styles are availble; performance to 100,000 CFM.

- galvanized steel weather hood and housing;
- choice of aluminum or steel propeller;
- optional 2" removable & cleanable filter;
- capacities up to 100,000 CFM;
- direct driven and belt driven ventilator models;
- available accessories: motorized dampers, bird screen, special coatings for extra protection, factory wired disconnect switch, roof curb, etc.