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Canada Blower Custom Manufactured Heat Transfer Products


Canada Blower can design and build the precise refrigerant heat rejection coil for your application. Refrigerant condenser coils are used to transfer heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air. As refrigerant passes through the coil, it is first de-superheated and then condensed to liquid. In many cases an integral or dedicated sub-cooler section is used to further cool the refrigerant below saturation. This reduction in liquid temperature increases overall system capacity and keeps the refrigerant from flashing due to liquid line losses. The heat removed from the refrigerant in the condenser and sub-cooler is equal to the heat absorbed in the evaporator plus the work done by the compressor.

Canada Blower heat reclaim coils (also referred to as hot gas reheat coils) take advantage of the hot gas in the compressor discharge line as a source for heat. They can be piped either in parallel or in series with the normal condenser. When piped in parallel, the reclaim coil is typically sized to handle the entire condensing load, since the primary condenser coil will not be in operation in reclaim mode. When piped in series (e.g., supply air-reheating), the primary condenser and the reclaim coil will both be in operation in reclaim mode. Therefore, reclaim coils piped in series typically have capacities of 50% or less of the total heat rejection of the system. It is preferable to have saturated gas leaving the heat reclaim coil (de-superheated gas) in lieu of condensed liquid.

Whether your application requires a single refrigerant circuit, integral subcooler or multiple face-splits, Canada Blower can design and build the precise refrigerant heat rejection coil for your application.


Canada Blower's fluid coils are designed for air cooling or heating applications using chilled water, hot water or brine (e.g., ethylene or propylene glycol mixtures). Vent and Drain connections are supplied on all fluid coils, unless specified otherwise. The standard connection is a ¼” FPT copper bushing located on the face of the headers. Canada Blower recognize this may not be the optimum location for all coils, so we offer a variety of connections and locations based on overall coil geometry and customer needs. Vent and drain connections can be placed in the top and bottom of the headers, inside or outside the headers, or even in the connections. These optional connection locations facilitate proper venting and draining and, therefore, reduce the installation and maintenance cost over the life of the coil.

Turbulators are available to enhance the overall heat transfer of the coil by inducing more fluid turbulence inside the tubes. These brass, spiral, turbulators are typically applied in low-flow applications, or for heavily-viscous fluids. While initial cost and increased pressure drop are to be considered, they are a cost-effective solution for many applications.

Integral intermediate drain pans are an option for those applications where a single coil is required in lieu of multiple stacked coils. This feature incorporates an intermediate drain pan in the fin pack of the coil, allowing the coil to be installed as a single unit.

In cooling applications it is a common occurrence to have leaving air conditions that approach 100 percent saturation. Under such conditions, water is likely to condense on filters, equipment, or in the duct work, which can lead to premature equipment failure and mold formation issues. To help avoid condensation forming downstream of cooling coils, it is necessary to de-saturate the leaving air. Canada Blower coil can accomplish this in one coil. The coil consists of two cores: the primary cooling core and a re-heating core. By properly designing the primary core, it is possible to have the leaving fluid temperature sufficiently above the leaving air temperature. This “warmer” fluid is then passed through the re-heat coil positioned on the outlet air side of the primary core, to slightly increase the air temperature. The result is cool air leaving the coil that has a lower relative humidity and is less likely to condense downstream.


Our line of Booster Coils for hot water or low-pressure steam heating applications are pre-engineered for exceptional value and lead time. Canada Blower’s line of booster coils are designed for hot water or low-pressure steam heating.

Canada Blower pre-engineered 1 and 2 row coils allow us to offer exceptional value and lead times for this product. One day to one week availability insures that we meet any requirement for these coils.


Designed for use in comfort cooling, process cooling, and refrigeration, Canada Blower evaporator coils are proven for use with all of today’s refrigerants.

Single circuit evaporator coils are most common with single compressor systems. They consist of only one refrigerant distributor and do not provide for variable loads. This is most commonly used in air-conditioning systems with constant airflow and space/return air temperature. Intertwined circuiting feeds refrigerant evenly across the coil face under part-load. The coil retains up to 70% of the design capacity when one circuit is deactivated, because the entire fin surface provides cooling, keeping suction pressure high and allowing compressors to operate more efficiently. This option is most commonly used in multi-zone and VAV units.


Utilized as an economical choice for general purpose or process heating, Canada Blower steam coils are the choice when inlet air temperatures will not fall below freezing. Canada Blower's offering of steam coils boasts a minimum copper tube-wall thickness of 0.025″, providing reliability in heating solutions for process and comfort applications.


Due to their tube-within-tube design, Canada Blower steam distributing coils provide a level of protection against freezing in low-temp applications.


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Appreciable savings in space are obtained with the compact design of the BUFFALO BLOWER Type ADJUSTABLE PITCH BLADE AXIAL FANSEase of maintenance is the keyword for the Direct Drive Axial Fan. Fan equipment rooms can be reduced in size resulting in lower building costs. When installing directly in line with ventilation ducts, axials gain from 50% to 70% space savings over centrifugal fans.

Flow Volume up to 260,000 CFM Static Pressure up to 15'' WG

Every heating and cooling coils will eventually fail – whether due to freezing, corrosion or other causes including, quite simply, old age ! gewell-known supplier of heat transfer coils for a variety of applications. We will build a coil to your design or you can tell us your requirement and we will design it using our computerized coil selection programs.

Canada Blower specializes in rapid delivery of replacement coils - custom designed (one-off) coils, one of our strengths is our ability to closely duplicate a coil which has failed.
Canada Blower Fluid (Cooling & Heating) Coils
Chilled or hot water / glycol coils suited to a wide variety of applications - from commercial HVAC to industrial preocesses.
Steam Coils
Constructed with heavy wall copper tubing
Canada Blower Evaporator Coils
Induvudually designed to optimize performance on air conditioning or high to medium temperature refrigeration applications.
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Designed to handle your condencing or heat reclaim requirements.
Special Coils
For your special applications or a "one-of-a-kind" replacement.
FAST DELIVERY : 4 weeks delivery is standard / 1 week or shorter delivery is available.

A number of Canada Blower fan products are available in special materials chosen to withstand the rigours of hostile environments. Northern Blower has experience producing fans utilizing the following metals ...

• aluminum
• 304 and 304L stainless steel
• 316 and 316L stainless steel
• corten high alloy steel
• brass and bronze
• monel
• hastalloy

Further special features available on a wide range of Northern Blower fan products include ...

• in­motion dynamic balancing systems
• vibration and temperature monitoring
• oil lubrication systems
• pneumatic and electric actuators
• turbine drives
• noise attenuation
• flame spray surface hardening
• ceramic liners
• weld passivation
• weld stress relief

Canada Blower fans are available with almost every conceivable “standard” accessory. From belt guards to dampers and vibration isolation, we have the components required to ensure that every fan we build can be tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.

• access doors
• belt guards
• cooling wheels
• inlet dampers
• variable inlet vanes
• outlet dampers
• gravity shutters
• shaft seals and guards
• spark resistant construction
• safety screens
• drives
• motors
• vibration isolation bases

Canada Blower fans are at work in almost every conceivable application. From coast to coast and all around
the world Canada Blower fans are providing air where and when it
is needed ...

• glass tempering
• petrochemical refining
• pulp & paper processing
• automotive paint systems
• steel & metal mills
• pollution control processes
• commercial air supply
• automotive wash systems
• clean room ventilation
• traction motor cooling
• boiler combustion air supply
• incineration
• distillation
• nuclear power generation