Industrial process and OEM fan ventilators, high temperature OEM fan ventilators, centrifugal and axial process fans, roof / wall exhaust and supply fans and inline ventilators and blowers. Sales of OEM fan blower wheel blade impellers


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We offer the choice of backward-inclined, airfoil, backward-curved or forward curved wheel, all types of motors, high temperature, spark resistant and more.

Canada Blower’s experience providing fan equipment to the power industry has resulted in a vast array of custom

•     Blade and Housing Liners
•     Backstop Clutches
•     Bronze Cooling Wheels
•     Bearing Temperature Probes
•     Code Standard Welding
•     Flanged Connections
•     Forged Shafts
•     Inlet Dampers, Outlet Dampers, Variable Inlet Vanes
•     Special Coatings
•     Factory Insulation
•     Lube Oil Systems
•     Mechanical Run Tests
•     Rotor Stress Relieving
•     Shaft Sleeves
•     Sleeve Bearings
•     Spacer Couplings
•     Split Inlet Cone
•     Special Materials Construction
•     Stainless Steel Nameplates
•     Turning Gear
•     Vibration Sensors
•     Startup Supervision
•     Field Service


• Supply and Exhaust for Pulp & Paper and Tissue Plants
• Chemical Process Equipment
• Agricultural & Food Processing Equipment
• Thermal Oxidizers
• Baghouses
• Scrubbers
• Combustion Air Supply
• Forced Draft
• Induced Draft
• Drying Kilns
• Fans designed and manufactured to API 560 or API 673 standards


- duct elbows near fan inlet or outlet
- restricted fan inlet or outlet
- impeller rotating in wrong direction
- fan speed lower than design
- system resistance higher than design
- dampers shut
- faulty ductwork
- dirty or clogged filters and/or coils
- inlet or outlet screens clogged


- system resistance less than design
- fan speed too high
- filters not in place
- registers or grilles not installed
- improper damper adjustment


- fan speed higher than design
- gas density higher than design
- impeller rotating in wrong direction
- static pressure less than anticipated
- fan size or type not appropriate for application


- accumulated material on impeller
- worn or corroded impeller
- bent shaft
- impeller or sheaves loose on shaft
- motor out of balance
- impeller out of balance
- sheaves eccentric or out of balance
- bearing or drive misalignment
- mismatched belts
- belts too loose or too tight
- loose or worn bearings
- loose bearing bolts
- loose fan mounting bolts
- weak or resonant foundation
- foundation unlevel
- structures not crossbraced
- fan operating in unstable system condition

INOPERATIVE FAN - blown fuse

- broken belts
- loose sheave
- motor too smal
- wrong voltage